is a Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG) infill element providing a completely smooth façade without any visible fixings.

VECOSTA infill elements can be used to create a unified look between the opaque sections and the clear sections or a counterpoint (e.g. contrasting colour).

These panels have been designed to match the principal SSG systems on the market.

The VECOSTA profile system can used with our ECOSTA infill panels to provide an exterior aluminium sheeting finish.


  • Tertiary buildings
  • Education
  • Hotels
  • Leisure
  • Services

Principle (CSTB Specification No.3076)

  • Waterproof infill element with guardrail function
  • Insulating core and interior metal facing assembled by bonding
  • May be back-veneered (plasterboard, cement fibres or particleboard)
  • Treated wood frame providing the thermal break
  • Aluminium profile to which is bonded an exterior tempered glass, enamelled, opacified (trimmed), coloured or reflective coating facing
  • Vecosta has been designed to match the principal SSG systems on the market

Depending on special technical specification: acoustic properties, thermal insulation, compliance with IT249 regulations.

Product subjected to technical evaluation 

Example of a VECOSTA system 



  1. Exterior face: tempered, enamelled and opacified glass, 6 or 8 mm
  2. Joint backing
  3. SSG seal
  4. Aluminium profile
  5. Insulation: mineral wool, extruded polystyrene
  6. Steel or aluminium sheeting, untreated or varnished
  7. Treated wood frame (Norway spruce or maritime pine)
  8. May be back-veneered