Rue de Chevaleret - Paris (75) offices

1000 composite facets in keeping with Maurice Novarina's original work


Maurice Novarina designed Chevaleret in 1973 and gave the 9 stories of the building a diamond point architecture produced out of ceramic.

When renovated to comply with the new insulation standards and make it safe for people, the building had to retain its original architectural form.


The ceramics were replaced with aluminium composite blocks fashioned into diamond points.

Each block consisted of 3 different parts which were machined and assembled by TIM Composites.

A lifting ring was designed into each component to make installation easier.

1000 x 6 m² blocks adorn the façade.

Rue de Chevaleret - Paris (75) offices


Surface area: 14 000 m²

Project management: Archigroup

Project owner: French and Swiss insurer investors

Installation company: GOYER

Photo credits: Archigroup

Work carried out: January to June 2015


1000 aluminium composite parts