is a waterproof infill element whose interior facing is always metal (steel or aluminium).

Multiple exterior facings are possible: enamelled glass, aluminium, steel, cement fibre and stratified.

ECOSTA effortlessly fits in with all architectural styles. 



  • Tertiary buildings
  • Education
  • Hotels
  • Leisure
  • Services

Principle (CSTB Specification No.3076)

  • Waterproof infill elements whose interior facing is always metal (steel or aluminium)
  • Guardrail function.
  • Multiple exterior facings (glass, steel, aluminium, cement fibre and melamine laminate)
  • Extruded or expanded polystyrene or mineral wool insulation
  • Treated wood frame (Norway spruce, maritime pine)
  • May be back-veneered (plasterboard, cement fibres, plywood and particleboard)

Depending on special technical specification: acoustic properties, thermal insulation, compliance with IT249 regulations.

Product subjected to technical evaluation


For new builds and renovation work

4-sided rebate system, horizontal frame system (for glass and sheeting facings only).


  1. Exterior face: enamelled tempered glass, opacified, steel, aluminium, cement fibres, melamine laminate
  2. Interior face: steel or aluminium
  3. Insulation: extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, mineral wool
  4. Treated wood frame (rebate with sheeting return, depending on fitting)
  5. May be back-veneered